2017 Symposium Presentations Downloads

2017 Course Listing

NY2177 Forensic Engineering Engineering Applied to the Law

AR0047_Operating Room Air Distribution Solutions

AR0048_Principles of Laboratory Design and Fume Hood Operation

AR0049_You Can't Afford Discomfort

KHH Structural Building Condition Reviews

NY2020_Civil Engineering Applications of Drones

NY2138_Semi-Automated Masonry

NY2148_Stamp Infrastructure Case Study

NY2149_3D HD Laser Scanning for AECO professionals

NY2150_Carriage Factory Brownfield Site

NY2151_Lead in Drinking Water

NY2152_Cattaraugus Creek Design Build Project

NY2153_Bridge Deck Preservation Methods

NY2154_Sense of Space, Urban Parking Issues

NY2155_Heat Treatment and Press Quenching of Steel Alloys

NY2156_Safety Culture and Safe Sealing

NY2157_Intellectual Property Baseline for Engineering Teams

NY2158_Application of Fatigue and Fracture Analysis

NY2159_Climate Change Mitigation

NY2160_Magnetics for Modern Power Supplies

NY2161_High Voltage Direct Current - Powering the Future

NY2162_Grid-Tied PV Array Economics

NY2163_The Internet of Things and Wireless QoS

NY2164_Biomedical Imaging & Visualization

NY2165_2016 NYS Code Changes Mechancal-Plumbing

NY2166_Lead in Drinking Water

NY2167_Basics of Building Fire Protection Design

NY2171_Energy Efficiency Improvement in Elec Dist

NY2172_MEP Seismic & Wind Provisions of ASCE 7-10

NY2173_NEC Requirments for Generators

NY2174_LED's Transforming the Future of Lighting

NY2175_Fire alarm System Fundamentals

NY2176_How to Dim Led Lamps and Fixtures without wires

PIE_20150511_ADS High Performance HP Sanitary Sewer

PIE_20160028_Surge Protection Devices for Consulting Engineers

PIE_20160430_Geosynthetic Solutions for Paved and Unpaved Applications

PIE_20170078_Global Warming Caused by Human Activity