2019 Symposium Presentations Downloads

2019 Master presentation List

01 NY2655 Continuous Flow Intersection

01 NY2655 Certificate

02 NY2656 Best Practices for safe excavation in New York

02 NY2656 Certificate

03 NY2657 Reimagine RTS: A Total Redesign of the Transit System in Monroe County

03 NY2657 Certificate

04 NY2552 The Portageville High Bridge Replacement Project

04 NY2552 Certificate

05 NY2658 21st. Century Revitalization of the Greater Rochester International Airport

05 NY2658 21st. Century Revitalization of the Greater Rochester International Airport Part2

05 NY2658 Certificate

06 NY2659 John Street Pump Station: Design Intent through Construction Phase

06 NY2659 Certificate

07 NY2554 Cold Weather Concreting

07 NY2554 Certificate

08 NY2578 What’s Wrong with my Concrete?- Fix It!

08 NY2578 Certificate

09 NY2660 Innovative Slope Stabilization Methods

09 NY2660 Certificate

10 NY2661 6 NYCRR Part 212: Ignorance is Bliss, But What You Don’t Know Could Cost You

10 NY2661 Certificate

11 NY2662 New York State Environmental Permitting

11 NY2662 Certificate

12 NY2663 Article 7: Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need of Large Utility Projects

12 NY2663 Certificate

13 NY2664 Weld Fatigue Analysis

13 NY2664 Certificate

14 NY2665 The Uniform Fire Prevention & Building Code: Incorporating Innovative Building Construction Products & Performance-Based Design Alternatives

14 NY2665 Certificate

15 NY2666 Industrial Liquid Filtration Technology for Sustainable Manufacturing

15 NY2666 Certificate

16 NY2667 Net Zero – Reducing Energy and Carbon in New York State Building Stock

16 NY2667 Certificate

17 NY2668 Ball and Roller Bearings- Design, Operation and some Failure Analysis

17 NY2668 Certificate

18 NY2669 Lessons-Learned from the Design-Build of an Underwater Saw for Spent Nuclear Fuel

18 NY2669 Certificate

19 NY2670 State of the Art Static Control for Flexible Packaging

19 NY2670 Certificate

20 NY2671 Distributed Generation, Reactive Power, and Grid Stability

20 NY2671 Certificate

21 NY2672 Engineering Your Job: Lessons from Software Engineering

21 NY2672 Certificate

22 NY2673 Innovation & Inventions: Intellectual Property

22 NY2673 Certificate

23 NY2674 Understanding and Guiding Color Quality With TM-30-18

23 NY2674 Certificate

24 NY2675 Remote Sensing, Spectral Target Detection, and Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

24 NY2675 Certificate

25 NY2676 Domestic Hot Water Recirculation Systems Design Considerations-Self Balancing Valves and Problems with Flow Devices

25 NY2676 Certificate

26 NY2677 Seneca Park Zoo Design and Construction Challenges

26 NY2677 Certificate

27 NY2678 Delegated vs Detailed Design of Fire Protection Systems

27 NY2678 Certificate

28 NY2679 Indoor  Pool Design

28 NY2679 Certificate

29 NY2680 Design Envelope Sensorless Pumping

29 NY2680 Certificate

30 NY2681 Smart HVAC Decision for an Indoor Grow

30 NY2681 Certificate

31 NY2682 Generator Fuel Systems

31 NY2682 Certificate

32 NY2683 AC Drives Operation and Application Considerations

32 NY2683 Certificate

33 NY2684 Smart Growth: High-Efficiency CHP and Climate Control for Indoor Agriculture

33 NY2684 Certificate

34 NY2685 Voice Evacuation/Mass Notification Systems

34 NY2685 Certificate

35 NY2686 Evolution and Emerging Technologies of Fire Alarm Systems

35 NY2686 Certificate

36 NY2687 Uninterruptible Power Supply Design For Data Centers

36 NY2687 Certificate

37 NY2688 Acoustic Testing of Structure Borne Noise Generated by Cross Fit Activity

37 NY2688 Certificate

38 NY2689 Utility Mapping – An Overview of Tools and Processes

38 NY2689 Certificate

39 NY2690 Use of Engineering Seals and Stamps in New York
 Avoiding Professional Misconduct

39 NY2690 Certificate

40 NY2691 Building Efficiency Drivers – Energy Code & Incentive Updates

40 NY2691 Certificate

41 NY2692 Renewable Natural Gas

41 NY2692 Certificate

42 NY2693 Energy Recovery Technology Choices; Ways to Reduce Costs

42 NY2693 Certificate

43 NY2694 What Is And How Will Machine Learning Change Our Lives

43 NY2694 Certificate