2018 Symposium Presentations Downloads

2018 Presentation Master List

NY 2416 Prosperity via Energy Initiatives in Climate Smart Communities

NY2416 Certificate

NY2417 Change is in the Water.  Policy, Regulations and Connecting the Dots

NY2417 Certificate

NY2418 The Bayonne Bridge: Project Development

NY2418 Certificate

NY2419 The Bayonne Bridge: Reconstruction of a 1931 Steel Arch

NY2419 Certificate

NY2420 Inner Loop East Transformation Tunnel Lining Project

NY2420 Certificate

NY2421 Mechanically Stabilized Earth Structures

NY2421 Certificate

NY2422 Restoring History:  The Beaverkill Covered Bridge

NY2422 Certificate

NY2423 Irondequoit Bay Outlet Bridge Alternatives Analysis Study

NY2423 Certificate

NY2424 Advanced Numerical Models for the Structural Evaluation of Masonry and Earthen Historical Buildings

NY2424 Certificate

NY2425 Monroe County’s Path to Solar Energy: Western NY’s Largest Municipal Solar Installation

NY2425 Certificate

NY2426 Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park Restoration

NY2426 Certificate

NY2427 High Efficiency Dissolved Oxygen Delivery System for Water Treatment

NY2427 Certificate

NY2428 A Carbon Dividends Policy for Climate Change Mitigation

NY2428 Certificate

NY2429 The Effect of Flow Control on Annular Gap Windage Loss

NY2429 Certificate

NY2430 An Innovative Approach to Cleaning Diesel Exhaust Gasses

NY2430 Certificate

NY2431 Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Planning at Cornell University

NY2431 Certificate

NY2432 Eulerian Multiphase Conjugate Model for Chip-embedded Microchannel Flow Boiling

NY2432 Certificate

NY2433 Advances in Steam Turbine Impulse Diaphragm Repair

NY2433 Certificate

NY2434 High Voltage Power Supplies for Medical X-Ray generators

NY2434 Certificate

NY2435 What Is And How Will Machine Learning Change Our Lives

NY2435 Certificate

NY2436 Integrated Photonics -Presentation Confidential

NY2436 Certificate

NY2437 Do machine learning algorithms really learn?

NY2437 Certificate

NY2438 Shading Effects on Photo-Voltaic Arrays

NY2438 Certificate

NY2439 TM-30-15 Method and Metrics for Illuminant Quality

NY2439 Certificate

PIE 20170595 Fire, Smoke and Combination/FireSmoke Dampers

20170595 Certificate

NY2440 NFPA 13 2016 and NFPA 25 2017 Edition Standard Updates

NY2440 Certificate

NY2441 Benefits & Application of Commercial Tankless Water Heating Systems

NY2441 Certificate

NY2442 How to Leverage Piping Systems to Increase Building Sustainability

NY2442 Certificate

NY2443 Climate Change Science for Engineers

NY2443 Certificate

NY2444 Energy Efficient Direct Replacement DX Rooftop Units

NY2444 Certificate

NY2445 Vibration and Noise Mitigation: A Case Study of 6 Interesting Projects Requiring Creative Solutions

NY2445 Certificate

NY2446 The Ins & Outs of Rendering Using Lighting Software

NY2446 Certificate

NY2447 AC Drives – Operation and Application Considerations

NY2447 Certificate

NY2448 Emergency Power Connection Equipment

NY2448 Certificate

NY2449 Essentials of Standby Power Systems

NY2449 Certificate

NY2450 Distributed Generation: Design Considerations for Optimizing Value CHP, Microgrids and Hybrid Power Systems

NY2450 Certificate

NY2451 Where Should the Biogas Go? Digester Gas to Energy Case Studies

NY2451 Certificate

NY2452 Waste Energy Recovery to Electric Power

NY2452 Certificate

NY2453 Rochester Electric Vehicle Accelerator

NY2453 Certificate

NY2454 Fire Alarm System Fundamentals

NY2454 Certificate

NY2455 The Moral Fox -Keynote

NY2455 Certificate