Our member organizations and speakers are what makes the Engineering Symposium possible.

2018 Organizing Committee

Chris Devries, P.E      -Chairman

Jim BakerP.E.

Dave Belaskas P.E.

Joe Dombrowski P.E.

Jim Drago P.E.

Barry Dumbauld P.E.

Carl Eller P.E.

Neal Illenberg P.E.

Lynne Irwin, Rochester Engineering Society

Dave Krispinsky P.E.

Rich Morrelle P.E.

Paul Presutti P.E.

Howard Ressel P.E.

Dave Roberts P.E.

Dennis Roote P.E.

Ron Salzman PhD, P.E.

Robert Winans P.E.

Jennifer J Wengender P.E.



member organizations

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